This is me:

 Photographer behind the scenes of cmckk photo mirror pic with canon 6d

Hey there! 

I’m Christina: a 20-something, awkward millennial, who fits the stigma of my generation by always taking “too-many pictures”.

I first fell in love with being an artist with my passion for dance. I got my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Theatre & Dance from the University of Memphis, and whilst studying movement in college, I discovered a new-found love for stillness through photography.

“Photography fragments time; a single image is a vision of one moment torn from its context."

- William A. Ewing

I pride myself on being a versatile photographer, and I just love capturing the important moments of life so much, that I can’t claim to be focused on only one area of photography.

I like to refer to my photography as “motion & emotion”. I truly believe that movement is a universally understood language, and as long as you can connect to yourself and the moment you’re living in, I can capture it!

Some fun-facts about me:

  • I have two cats- Ollivander & Batman- and a dog- Nebraska Jones- all of whom I rescued and love more than anything else in the world!

  • I binge-watch way too much Netflix and have an on-going rotation of The Office, Parks & Rec, Friends, It’s Always Sunny, and 30 Rock.

  • I’m a forreal choco-holic and might die if I don’t have some form of chocolate once a day.

  • Chai-Tea Lattes with almond milk are where its at.

  • Music is a driving force in my life, so please don’t be surprised when I bring my awesome playlist of a bazillion different genres out at your session.

  • I love puns and will laugh at any dad-joke.

  • I know way too much about Harry Potter, and won first place at Trivia for it.

  • I’m 5’1 and very small, so I’ve adapted to being able to stand on anything to get that extra boost of height!