From Memphis to Spain and killing the game!

SO happy I got to take graduation pictures for this amazing girl!

Danielle was a double major at the University of Memphis in Spanish and Psychology, while also studying and performing in dance classes and concert, was very involved in the University, and knew so many incredible spots of campus from her tour-giving days. She is smart, talented, and adorable!

Just check out some images from her session!

She just announced that she was selected as a Fulbright Finalist for the English Teaching Assistantship in SPAIN! THIS GIRL IS GOING PLACES! Congratulations, Danielle!

Memphis Dance Photography Investigation

I recently had some time to explore a personal project that I love- capturing dance! 

In my sessions with dancers, I like the environment to effect the movement, and to capture the motion of the dancers as if its a performance, and not just snapping on the glamorous moments of dance. 

Growing up a dancer, I understand the hard work that does into dance, and that's what I like to display within my dance images. 

We found some cool locations, played around with improvisation structures, and discovered some cool moments!

Check out some of them below!

Piece-in-Progress: “Flaws”

This year, I’m working with a great group of girls at my studio to create a piece entitled “Flaws” to touch on “conflicts of body image within one’s self”. We’re using a broken mirror as a prop to show how restricted and judgemental we can get on ourselves, and how to break free from the mirror to accept yourself. 


I’m exploring this with my dancers on a deeper level than most of them have gotten- including journaling and discussing different ideas around body image and what the mirror can reflect.


I’d love to get into the heads of others who’ve had issues with body image, the mirror, and accepting themselves, and use that to help show that body image is something so many people deal with in different ways.

If you have a story you’d like to tell that I can use to bring this concept to life, showcase this issue and bring light to the beauty within everyone, and share with my dancers to contribute to their characters- please share it with me below!

(Feel free to pick and choose what you'd like to answer- you can also remain anonymous, nothing is required!) 

(not required)
November Modern Dance Series

It's November, and an exciting month in my dance life! I'm teaching a Modern Series for Project:Motion, Saturdays at 10:15am at Theatreworks!

This series of classes is to explore the natural way your body likes to interpret movement through exploration of improvisation, contemporary, and modern dance.

Check out a video from the first class!

Each week the class has a different focus.

  • Week 1 was on pushing the limits of creativity, and connection with yourself, the floor, the air, and others around you. I wanted to challenge the class by providing a limited amount of material to continuously manipulate and discover new ways of performing it.
  • Week 2 is going to focus on words, communication, and influences to our choices in movement. We are going to approach various modern techniques, and then add a twist using commands, quotes, and imagery, and possibly even adding the aspect of the voice and speaking while moving.
  • Week 3 will be heavily coated in improvisation, and will be filled with an abundance of structures to inspire new ways to produce natural movement. We will have a variety of props, games, and ideas to play around with and utilize to move without the necessity of dance vocabulary. 

Here's a link to the Facebook event- if you click attending you can take class for only $12! Hope to see you there!

Nov 11-

Nov 18-

Heather + Tyler's Unique Memphis Backyard Wedding

Heather and Tyler are a couple that you can glance at and see how strong their love is. If their wedding told me anything, it's that they are going to have a blast going through life together! 


Their whole wedding was put together by family and friends, in their relative's "backyard". (It was more of their entire property!) It was such an awesome and unique setting, complete with vintage cars, knick knacks, and even a fire-breathing dragon! 

The day was filled with cute gestures, love and support, and a surprise from each of them to the other! Heather got Tyler's mom to sing their first dance song without him knowing, and he surprised her with a song of his own! The night ended with a huge sparkler exit and time spent with their loved ones.

Check out their pictures and see how amazing their wedding was for yourself!