Behind-the-Scenes "Of Being": Photoshoot!

I'm super excited about this kinda hectic and crazy photo shoot I had recently, and I'm so excited to share some insight on it!

Typically, I'm a super planner, every inch of every shot has a super deep meaning and planned out reasoning, but I've found it to be more effective lately to capture real moments and emotions of my subjects. So I approached this photo shoot in a different way. 

I began with some inspirations of mine in the world of dance photography: Obviously Lois Greenfield, but I've also found some not as famous dance photographer's whose work I love, such as Travis Magee, Jayna Photography, and Nicki Bosch. 

They all capture dancers in moments that wouldn't be typically beautiful, but that evoke a specific emotion or feeling, to truly capture the essence of dance. 

I began with a visual idea, of a location in downtown Memphis, with various grouping of dancers matching the environment and evoking different emotions or feelings within that environment. 

So I created some improv structures to play around with, and that's pretty much all the planning I did! 

I lucked out and got an amazing group of dancers who are all so unique and open to exploration to show up and volunteer their time to help me out!

We all met up and for three hours, walked around Downtown, and whenever we saw a setting that inspired us- we danced! (A few passersbys even would stop to watch here and there!)

I'm so pleased with how the images turned out, and I can't wait to see them printed, framed, and hung in a display for everyone to see!

(Of course, I can't show you the final images until then, but here's a few shots I still love!)