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Behind-the-Scenes "Of Being": Photoshoot!

I'm super excited about this kinda hectic and crazy photo shoot I had recently, and I'm so excited to share some insight on it!

Typically, I'm a super planner, every inch of every shot has a super deep meaning and planned out reasoning, but I've found it to be more effective lately to capture real moments and emotions of my subjects. So I approached this photo shoot in a different way. 

I began with some inspirations of mine in the world of dance photography: Obviously Lois Greenfield, but I've also found some not as famous dance photographer's whose work I love, such as Travis Magee, Jayna Photography, and Nicki Bosch. 

They all capture dancers in moments that wouldn't be typically beautiful, but that evoke a specific emotion or feeling, to truly capture the essence of dance. 

I began with a visual idea, of a location in downtown Memphis, with various grouping of dancers matching the environment and evoking different emotions or feelings within that environment. 

So I created some improv structures to play around with, and that's pretty much all the planning I did! 

I lucked out and got an amazing group of dancers who are all so unique and open to exploration to show up and volunteer their time to help me out!

We all met up and for three hours, walked around Downtown, and whenever we saw a setting that inspired us- we danced! (A few passersbys even would stop to watch here and there!)

I'm so pleased with how the images turned out, and I can't wait to see them printed, framed, and hung in a display for everyone to see!

(Of course, I can't show you the final images until then, but here's a few shots I still love!)

Behind-the-Scenes "Of Being": February + March

My main goal for this first year out of college, was to have my own show- of both photography and dance.


So here is where I'll be sharing the ins and outs, triumphs and failures, and huge messes and clean ups of me doing this whole thing. 

This first Behind-the-Scenes is probably going to be boring, because well, the beginning is always boring, but I'm glad you're interested enough to keep reading to this point. 

If you know me, you know I'm a crazy organized planner who worries over every possibility that can happen, and so therefore, I make lists, and try to stay prepped for anything. In which case, is why I've started prepping in January for a show that happens at the end of July. 

The first thing(s) to do:

  1. Create a timeline of what needs to be done and when. 
  2. Figure out what the heck this show is about. 

So here is some messy little scribbles of what I have so far... 

Yeah, I know, its not much, but it was helpful to write it down and brain dump all my thoughts into some kind of visual explanation. I go into more detail after these pages in my handy dandy notebook, but I didn't want to swarm this post with journal pics... 

In addition to planning out the nitty gritty details, I've been engaging myself in free-writing sessions for just a few minutes here and there, in addition to improv jams with myself just to get the movement flowing in my body.  

I'm feeling good about where I am so far in this process. So far, I've planned out a basic idea and order for the show (even though I have no dancers yet or really know what each piece is about), I've got a good understanding on what the Photo Gallery will consist of, I've done research on printing, mounting, etc., and have planned and am prepped for the March photo shoot!

Stay tuned! Coming up next on Behind-the-Scenes "Of Being" --> OUR PHOTOSHOOT!

Snow Day in Tennessee!

So, I brought out my camera for the first time in 2017 to capture some of the "snow day" we got here in Memphis. 

Mostly consisting of my roommates and my dog... 

And the start to my year-long photography project: a self portrait every week. As a part of building some self-confidence for this new time of my life. Here's #1 of 57. 

Stay tuned for more of my personal projects coming up this year! <3

Show Announcement / Plea for Help!

As a dance-artist and sort-of photographer, I've decided to create an informal concert and gallery of works all created by myself.

I'm a fresh graduate thrown out into the professional world, and haven't dedicated time to trying to discover myself as a creative. I am overcome with ideas, visions, and thoughts, and this concert/gallery is where they will get to all fall together. 

This event is to put myself "out there" (wherever that is) as an artist, and to develop work that will aid in my applications to graduate schools - as I aspire to get my master's in dance. 

This announcement is less for the show as it is a plea for help! I have plenty of time to prepare, but I know as hectic as my life and schedule are, other's have their crazy busy lives too, and the earlier we can plan the better I'll feel!

I'm in need of: 

  • dancers (available for live performance at the show)
  • dancers (available to schedule with me for a photographic series)
  • more dancers (available to learn choreography & film a screendance work)
  • anyone who is willing to help the day of with set-up, take-down, door, lights, sound, etc. 
  • anyone who knows anything about putting on shows and wants to give me advice. (:
  • anyone else who has grand ideas for how they can contribute to this project & just love me enough to volunteer whatever they can!

(I am willing to start photographic and screendance works ASAP, so if you'll be unavailable this summer, but are available before then - you can still help contribute to this project!)

If you are interested and want to contribute please contact me or fill out the form below!

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If you'd prefer to be contacted by TEXT put it here:
Please include what you can/ are willing to help with!

Hey everyone! I'm Christina, and I'm a mildly interesting creative focusing on the crafts of photography and choreography. I've been dancing since I was a toddler, and taking pictures since high school, and as I'm approaching my last week of college and moving onto the real world, I decided to create this site to document my work and share it with the world. 

Hope you enjoy it!