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Liz & Jimi are straight out of an indie movie in this Memphis couples session

When trying to decide where to take pictures in our beautifully unique city of Memphis, Liz and Jimi had a thousand ideas and I wish we could have done them all!  

 - we open on a coffee shop - 

We decided to start at Jimi’s awesome coffee shop near Broad Ave, Launch Process, cause it’s where these two spend a lot of their time. (Trust me, if you haven’t been here you need to visit- it has awesome coffee, tea, atmosphere, and even a little shop with Illuminati Bath & Bart!) If you want some music accompaniment for this scene, try playing “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg while you browse these! 

- cut to: Earnestine’s & Hazels - 

After getting some caffeine, we went into Earnestine and Hazels (an awesome downtown bar with the best burgers and the chance to maybe catch a ghost!) These two had some adorable comfortable moments lounging around the creaky rooms, dancing in small corridors, and doing their best Elvis impersonations. 

- the final scene: Arcade Restaurant -  

Jimi had mentioned Beale Street, and his love for neon, and we realized why would we need to travel when the historic Arcade Restaurant was right across the corner from Earnstine & Hazels? These give me so many Blue Valentine vibes, but with an edgier look and a happier ending!   

These two are coming soon to a theater near you! (Or maybe they’re one of those incredible, but hidden Netflix movies?) 

Cody & Rachael explore Crosstown Concourse in Memphis, TN

I got to spend the last Saturday of 2018 with these two cuties exploring Crosstown Concourse!

- about Crosstown -

I’ll admit, I’m a bad Memphian cause I’ve only visited this reconstructed Sears factory during its early renovations when absolutely NOTHING was in there yet, and let me tell you that is going to change now!

This place is so cool- full of local places to eat, shops, art galleries, bars, reading nooks, theaters, a school, a health center, and more! Every floor was a new adventure and I had these guys as my guide!

- some memories -

  • Within about 5 minutes (or less), Cody already pulled out his best “blue steel” from Zoolander.

  • Rachael refers to Cody as a Praying Mantis, because his limbs are sooooooo long. Cody referred to himself as Skeletor, whom we later found out was JACKED….

  • Cody and Rachael both realllllly wanted to read the “P is for Potty” book we found…

  • We climbed about 5 flights of stairs just to reach a spot where we could get the disco ball in the background.

  • There are pinball machines next to the restrooms on the 2nd floor.

  • There are more restrooms with cool, glowing, red entrances near the art museum.

  • The people with dog head’s mural is pretty sick, and features a peep hole through the video camera, dogs performing jazzercise, jumping in a pool, and walking a dog with a human head.

  • The nail salon smells awesome, the shops are all adorable, and there are some cool wall planters at the end of the hallway.

Justin + Shay’s intimate Memphis Wedding
Bride and Groom exit their backyard ceremony with smiles during sunset.

You meet people in your life who you can just look at and tell they were meant to be together, and Justin and Shay are some of those people. They’ve been together for over a decade, love similar things, have fun and caring friends, and co-exist so well together. 

When I found out they were finally getting married, I was so excited! Justin proposed at Disney World (I know, goals!) and of course Shay said yes! These two care about their friends and family so much and it was amazing to see how much support they received from their love ones. Their ceremony was in Justin’s mom’s backyard, and it was so beautiful, classic, and intimate.  As they got ready for the ceremony you could only feel joy and excitement. The moment Shay walked out, you could feel everyone’s breath stop. Justin couldn’t help but blurt out “Oh f**k...”. She was absolutely a princess and stunning doesn’t even begin to describe her in that dress.  

The ceremony was filled with easy giggles, tears from everyone in the bridal party, and so much passion that everyone in attendance could feel it.   

The reception was held at Justin and Shay’s house with all their closest friends.  The food was your typical party food: chicken wings, french fries, chips & dips (including Shay’s famous spinach dip that I probably ate 5 servings of), Pokemon cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries… and it was all absolutely perfect and delicious! The atmosphere was filled with excitement and laughter, and was the most comfortable and enjoyable reception I’ve ever been to. Filled with old friends and new, the couple didn’t need anything super fancy or elaborate to showcase the extent of their love.

CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS! You deserve your happily ever after!

Allyson + Bill find true love with their Memphis Summer Wedding!

It was hot hot hot at Bill and Allyson’s wedding, and it wasn’t just because it happened in the sizzling Memphis heat! This fun-loving couple found each other at the perfect time in their lives, and have so much joy and passion for each other! 


They got married at Germantown Great Hall surrounded by so many of their family and friends that it was amazing to be a part of it! You can tell they have the best people surrounding them, and always live to enjoy life.  

Check out some images from their day below!

Memphis in-home couples session with Brenna + Chris.

Once Brenna and Chris described their midtown Memphis home to me, I was determined to shoot there! With its amazing wallpaper, beautiful backyard, and within walking distance to a local skatepark with urban art- it was a dream home for this perfect couple! 

I got to know Brenna and Chris through these pictures: an aerialist couple, who slow dances to the radio, bakes vegan chocolate chip cookies, practices in their backyard, holds hands and toes, and just enjoys being in each other’s presence! 

Forreal couple goals!  

Heather + Tyler's Unique Memphis Backyard Wedding

Heather and Tyler are a couple that you can glance at and see how strong their love is. If their wedding told me anything, it's that they are going to have a blast going through life together! 


Their whole wedding was put together by family and friends, in their relative's "backyard". (It was more of their entire property!) It was such an awesome and unique setting, complete with vintage cars, knick knacks, and even a fire-breathing dragon! 

The day was filled with cute gestures, love and support, and a surprise from each of them to the other! Heather got Tyler's mom to sing their first dance song without him knowing, and he surprised her with a song of his own! The night ended with a huge sparkler exit and time spent with their loved ones.

Check out their pictures and see how amazing their wedding was for yourself!