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Memphis Dance Photography Investigation

I recently had some time to explore a personal project that I love- capturing dance! 

In my sessions with dancers, I like the environment to effect the movement, and to capture the motion of the dancers as if its a performance, and not just snapping on the glamorous moments of dance. 

Growing up a dancer, I understand the hard work that does into dance, and that's what I like to display within my dance images. 

We found some cool locations, played around with improvisation structures, and discovered some cool moments!

Check out some of them below!

My Dance Students Are the Best!

So, this past week, while teaching at our Summer Advanced Dance Intensive, I was finally able to photograph my students! 

They were given the task of finding a space around our studio, and creating a shape that either mirrors or contrasts the space, and let me tell ya - some of them got super creative! 

Check them out!

Tristan in the Nude!

Okay, so I'm totally stoked, and I've done nothing productive today but these pictures - can I say, OBSESSED? 

It's one thing when you have friends who always volunteer to make your ideas come to life, but this time he actually approached me and begged for a nude shoot! (to which I instantly said yes!)

Our luck caved, as the original location didn't work out and it was raining cats and dogs, but I think it all worked out perfectly in the end!

Here's a gallery of my favorites!

Which one do you like best?