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A behind the scenes look at my headshot session with Rachel!

One thing I’ve learned in my work as a choreographer, is that the process behind the final project is so so so important! I love sharing how I develop work to its final state, so here’s a little behind the scenes look at my recent headshot session! 

Every headshot session is different, based off the look you want and the role you are auditioning for. 

For this headshot session, Rachel was getting back into the performing world and needed something clean and professional. She wanted just a plain black or grey background with natural lighting. 

Soooo here’s my janky-looking setup (yes those are bed sheets clothes-pinned to some Christmas lights...) 


And you know that trend of posting “what clients see versus what photographers see”? 

Well check out the final image and let me tell you, we really do see things differently! 


Check out more of my headshots on the Portraits + Headshots page at the top of my site to see all the variety of forms headshots can take! I’ve done headshots in front of doors, buildings, curtains... just about anywhere! It’s all about finding a look you want, and putting your best face forward- I’ll take care of the rest! 

From Memphis to Spain and killing the game! [Graduate Session]

SO happy I got to take graduation pictures for this amazing girl!

Danielle was a double major at the University of Memphis in Spanish and Psychology, while also studying and performing in dance classes and concert, was very involved in the University, and knew so many incredible spots of campus from her tour-giving days. She is smart, talented, and adorable!

Just check out some images from her session!

She just announced that she was selected as a Fulbright Finalist for the English Teaching Assistantship in SPAIN! THIS GIRL IS GOING PLACES! Congratulations, Danielle!

Calling All Memphis Headshots!

I wanted to create a small post about headshots, as it's something I've done a lot of! As a theatre and dance graduate, I have some knowledge on what people look for in headshots, and as portraits are my favorite things to shoot- capturing someone's personality for a headshot is like the test!


For my headshot sessions, I like to find a location that has a lot of options for backgrounds, walk around, test out different areas and facial expressions, let you get a glimpse behind the camera and let me know if there's anything you want to tweak and keep going at it! I always use natural light, because it will most match how you'd actually look in person! 

For the time being, I have a headshot special! For $75, you get a 30 minute session and 2 fully edited headshots of your choosing! (As someone heavily involved in the arts, I totally get that it's hard to spend a lot of money on two images that won't look like you in a few months!)

I've got lots of tips to prep you for your headshot sessions, check out some of my favorite headshots below, and then contact me to get yours done!

Contact me at for more information on headshots or to book a session!

Kala - Welcome to the Alum Club!

I was so honored to get to take pictures of my good friend Kala, as she graduates from the University of Memphis in a few weeks!

Not only is she adorable, classy, and full of personality - this girl is going to save your life one day with her mad doctor skills! I know she will succeed in anything she sets her mind to, and I'm glad I got to capture these moments in her last few days as an undergrad at the U of M!

I'm so glad (we went) to the U of M!