"Dance is the controlled passage of bodies through time and space… 

it stems from seamless interconnectedness of its movements and gestures."

- William A. Ewing




My choreographic process begins with a simple idea or concept that is then explored deeper through writing, improvisation, or compositional structures. I always consider my dancers to be fellow collaborators, and value their input and personal connections to the piece we are creating together. This collaboration also involves the music selected for the piece. I have a keen sense of musicality, and utilize the sound score to contribute to the flow of themes within the piece we are creating. The vocabulary of movement in my work is typically described as internal, gestural, pedestrian, and focused. I believe dance should evolve from the original vision to a finished product that is able to resonate with the choreographer, dancers, and the audience in whatever way they interpret it.





In my recent projects, I have explored a variety of topics such as: the relationship between life and death, the strength and buoyancy of women, various aspects of one’s personality, conflicts of body image within one’s self, how it feels to have social anxiety, how to break the rules of a duet, and more. These projects have started as something I’ve personally felt or been distraught by, and needed to express in ways which words cannot through live performance, screendance works, and even photographic galleries of movement. These works focus on the individual within a community, and puts an emphasis on internal thoughts over external presentation.




I value self-expression and push my dancers to develop their own sense of artistry through movement, while still maintaining technical mastery. Together, we create a safe space for exploration, while developing overarching ideas and vocabulary. The space we create and learn in is a climate of respect, trust, and motivation that allows for mistake, and embraces the imperfections of being human. Keeping a positive perspective, I strive to reward my dancers’ efforts, and encourage growth in not only athleticism, but also in their minds and hearts.





Movement is one of the most honest forms of communication. In my work, I aim to explore this honesty by accenting emotion, imagery, and musicality. As a dancer, choreographer, and teacher, I strive to emphasize the importance of using your own personal connection to indulge in the vocabulary within dance.