Dance on Stage

All original choreography by Christina McKinney


Of Being (2017)  was  a series of ten original dance works culminated into a single concert.  The concert showcased the meaning of "being" and what makes us who we are by approaching various personal topics, such as: living a woman in today's society, trying to figure out life in your 20's, the mundane aspects of every day, relationships, social anxiety, how you heal, the thoughts that run through your mind before going to sleep, and exploring who you are through art. 

We Are All Going (2015) is about the relationship between life and death, and the commonality of being human. It expresses the ways in which we all grow, learn, love, dream, comfort, and cope within our own span of life, while also playing a part in the lives of others. 


A Third of Life (2015) was created as a challenge to never leave the floor, and emphasizes the difficult, yet common process of coping with loss. 



With the New Day (2016) explores the concept of restriction. Five females dressed in corsets and petticoats sweep on and off stage in a pedestrian array accompanied by the ramblings of British philosopher Alan Watts and an echoing instrumental composition by Luduvico Enaudi. The strength, buoyancy, and confidence of women confronts an ongoing suppression. 


You'd Mean More If I Remembered (2016) was created originally as a part of The 168 Hour Project, choreographed in merely one week. It began as a questioning of the rules of a duet and how they can be broken, and evolved into an exploration inspired by the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the concept of erasing memories. 

This Song Could Be Our Photograph (2014) plays with the idea of using movement as a source of music visualization, while also serving as self exploration to discovering inner struggles.