Photography and Choreography both started out as fun ways for me to express myself, but I've grown throughout the process to use my craft to help other express themselves as well!


Movement is a universal language, and i speak best through it. My choreography embraces honest human emotions, and utilizes the dancer's personal lives and feelings to create a dance work that everyone can connect to. I work collaboratively with my dancers, utilizing them as artists to aid in the development of my vision. 

I'm trained in modern, contemporary, improvisation, jazz, tap, and ballet dance. 

My choreography has been featured in:

  • Bridging Souls Productions - Soul II Soul
  • Racine + Southern Dance Exchange - 168 Hour Project & Movement Research Series
  • University of Memphis - New Voices Momentum
  • American College Dance Festival's South Conference Concert


Photographs capture a moment in time, a snippet of a memory. I believe pictures should capture who you are at a specific time in your life, and I embrace the camera as a device to record that with. I aim to record that true and honest moment, whether it be by yourself, with someone special, or an event or day that you want to remember forever.  

*Contact me for specifics on packages and prices for all your photography needs!

  • Headshots (prices start at $80)
  • Portraits (prices start at $150)
  • Families + Lifestyle (prices start at $150)
  • Weddings (prices start at $1000)
  • Dance Performances (contact for pricing information)


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