"Photography fragments time; a single image is a vision of one moment torn from its context."

- William A. Ewing







As a photographer, I aim to capture movement. I believe movement is the most universally understood method of communication to humans, and the more honest and real that movement is- the more it can speak to those who view it.




In my sessions, I like to have fun and let the images reflect you. I'll place you in compositionally-pleasing poses, and let the conversation begin. We play games, use prompts to generate emotion, talk about anything from what you ate for lunch to your biggest aspirations. If you're nervous in front of the camera- don't worry, you'll forget it's even there!




I love capturing everything from senior pictures to live dance performances and even engagements, families, and weddings. Graduating and want to indulge in celebration? Just had a baby and want to document the new addition to your family? Need new headshots before you head to a big audition? I got you! Just be ready to goof off, make faces, and feel some feelings and I'll do all the rest to provide you with amazing images to last you with a memory of this important time in your life!