My Story

This is ME:


Hey there! I'm Christina, and I was born and raised in Memphis, TN. I am an artist who embraces both movement and stillness within the mediums of choreography and photography.  

My dance career started when I was 4 years old in a typical dance studio environment, but I fell in love with movement as an art form when I was about 12 years old. After many opportunities during my youth, such as dancing on Carnival Cruise Lines, at Broadway Dance Center, and investigating and creating my own choreography, I discovered a passion for teaching and choreography, and got certified in Ballet and Jazz from the Southern Association of Dance Masters. I went on to get my Bachelor's in Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Memphis. During this time, I began creating dance films, multiple works, performed and choreographed as a collaborator with Racine + Southern Dance Exchange, and represented the University at American College Dance Festival multiple years by presenting my own choreography.

Not only did my time in undergrad develop who I am as a dance artist, but also allowed me to stumble into photography. My high school yearbook days led me to trying to figure out the basics of photography on my own, and eventually ended up in some beginner classes at the University of Memphis. I found an addiction to capturing movement that I was creating and continued my growth into the photography world. I began by taking pictures for my friends here and there, and found myself photographing the University Dance Concerts, live performances with local dance companies such as: Bridging Souls Productions, Racine + Southern Dance Exchange, Ballet Memphis, CJ40 Productions, and the RiverKing Dancers. Furthering myself behind the camera, I explored other realms of photography including portraits, weddings, families and found a love for capturing true and honest moments within life. 

My personal projects revolve around the "rawness of movement" and in both dance and photography I try to express different aspects of being human, and embracing the real connection that movement can present. I strive to continue creating work that captures emotions and stories of myself, and collaborating with others around me. 

I love to meet new people and gain new experiences and I would love to work with you!