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Motion & Emotion

A picture is worth a thousand words but actions speak the loudest.

 University of Memphis graduate in cap & gown portrait.


It’s just you, me, and my camera!

Whether you’re monumenting your graduation, enjoying senior year, need a headshot, or want to celebrate your age, I’m here to capture it!

We’ll practice your model walk, master your smize, get you relaxed, laughing, and feelin’ yourself to create some timeless, effortless portraits that you love!

 In-home session where couples cuddle on a couch in their rustic midtown Memphis home.


Two little lovebirds sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I love love! Going on cute dates, sharing all your secrets, getting engaged, and joining lives through marriage… It’s all just so cute!

Tickle fights, intimate whispering, discover all the different ways you can touch! Live in the moment with your special someone, and I will showcase that passion and warmth you have together.

 Family explores trails in Overton Park in Memphis, TN with 3 children.


Let’s explore, snuggle, and play!

Whatever family means to you, gather them up, and let’s go! We can shoot at your favorite spot in town, or even get comfy in your home!

Group hugs, dance parties, super cuddle time- we will do it all! Be ready to admit who snores the loudest, and enjoy some family time for photos and memories you’ll cherish forever!


Want to work with me?

what to expect

I like to have fun and capture you as you are! In my ideal session, we will begin with some posed portraits, and then bring out your emotions through prompts and games. I'll encourage a more relaxed portion of our session, to give you a chance to have fun and make some new memories while I capture some candid photos of you in your truest form!

I pride myself on being a versatile photographer, and I just absolutely love capturing memories so much, that I can’t claim to be focused on only one area of photography. I truly believe that movement is a universally understood language that brings out your real emotions, and as long as you can connect to yourself and the moment you’re living in, I can capture it!


if you want to have the best pictures ever:

  • Pick a fun and exciting location for your session! I have plenty of ideas if you need some guidance.

  • Coordinate your clothing - don’t worry, I’ll provide a guide!

  • Be ready to goof off, get sentimental, and move all over the place!

  • Laugh at my puns and bad jokes… it will at least come out great in your photos!

  • Come prepped with your favorite song or music genre, and I’ll get those tunes blasting!


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